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Comfortable Styles For The Harmattan Season

The Harmattan season is gently seeping in and although the weather feels hot, dry and dusty, the mornings will soon get colder and the air dryer. Here are some style tips to look fabulous while protecting yourself from the harsh harmattan wind.

Long Sleeve shirts

, Comfortable Styles For The Harmattan Season, Nightwatchng

Style maroon pants with a light denim shirt and brown shoes for a casual day out.

Long sleeve shirts will never go out of fashion. Pair this with a skirt, pants or jeans to protect yourself from the chilly morning and the dry weather.

Denim Shirts

These are highly fashionable and can be paired with anything. They can be paired with skirts, corporate pants, and casual chinos. They are also cool on the skin and will not cause discomfort.


, Comfortable Styles For The Harmattan Season, Nightwatchng

During the dry weather it is sensible to avoid wearing open toe shoes or sandals because the air is dry and dusty and no matter how you moisturise your feet it still looks like you ran barefoot in the dust. Also the exposed feet will be prone to cracking. Wear covered shoes like ballet flats, boots and moccasin.


Denim is thick and warm and is appropriate for the chilly mornings. Pair this with shirts and covered shoes. You can throw in sweat shirt if the top you paired it with is light and cool on the skin.


Blazers are appropriate for work and play. During the harmattan season they are comfortable and protective against the chilly and dry weather. They are suitable when paired with a dress, Denim and top, pants and shirt. They fit just about anything.

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This accessory is necessary for the harmattan season because of its fluctuating nature. It is chilly in the morning and sometimes gets hot and dry in the afternoon. A scarf can be worn around the neck in the morning and then ditched when the weather gets hot later in the day.

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