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Ex Girlfriend of convicted murderer narrates how she was seduce by tbe devil



A woman has described how she was ‘seduced by the devil’ after discovering that someone she dated was a convicted murderer .

She said she only realised she had dated Jon Venables , who was 10 years old as of the time of the murder of his two -year-old victim on February 12 ,1993 .

Jon Venables and his fellow murderer , Robert Thompson, were only 10 years old when they became Britain’s youngest murderers in 250 years.

She only got to know the dark past of a man she once loved when a picture of him was circulated illegally online after he was jailed for possessing more than 1 ,000 child abuse images .

The woman, who cannot be identified, said she felt sick at realising she once ‘ went on a date with the devil. ’

She described him as being a manipulative , nasty womaniser who trawled the internet looking for sex .

The woman , who is around 10 years younger than Venables , said , “He used to catch the same bus as me and after a few weeks , we got talking, and pretty quickly he made it clear he had a thing for me .

“ He was passionate about politics and was always going to gigs , he loved the same bands as me , so I liked his vibe. He was very confident , even obnoxious , and had a very dark sense of humour .”

She added : “ He asked me out for a drink and I agreed . He was a bit older than me , nearly 10 years , but it was a bit like going out with a yob, he was a real know -it -all.

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After the 2013 date with Venables who was given a secret identity in 2001 after he was released from jail, the woman said he began bombarding her with text messages and began to show his manipulative side.

She said : “ It started off with normal post -date chat , he said he had a great time and wanted to see me again at his place . But I had a boyfriend at the time and he started demanding I finish with him . When I would not , he started threatening me .

“ He started telling me he would tell my boyfriend about us if I did not . ” However, within days , he had started another relationship with a mutual friend .

She said she connected the dots when she realised that Venables was always vague about his childhood , as he would always say he had to meet his parents in what seemed a random town .

Plus, he was not on Facebook and hated the internet.

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