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It's A Win For Tyrese Gibson In Child Support Case

We reported last week that Norma Gibson who is the ex-wife of Tyrese Gibson has been stalling on performing her babysitter’s duty since she dropped all for their 11-year-old daughter, Shayla because she is “living life”.

However, a judge has sided with Tyrese, ruling that there are limits when it comes to his ex-wife demanding he cover childcare costs especially if her activities aren’t work-related.

Documents obtained by TMZ show that the judge ruled Norma Gibson can’t expect Tyrese to pay for babysitters to watch their 11-year-old daughter, Shayla if she (Norma) is running “non-work errands” or running her household.

This is coming after reports that Tyrese was pissed about childcare bills Norma was running up. Norma had admitted that she was “living life” when she was asked what she did on the 21st of August after taking up seven hours of childcare bills.  Tyrese was also upset that, in his view, she wasn’t making an effort to get a steady job.

In the documents, the judge lays out what qualifies as work activities for Norma and they include developing her life coaching business,  working on her book or pursuing her art. The court says if she requires childcare while doing any of those things, she can put that on Tyrese’s tab.

The Fast and Furious franchise star had demanded a detailed, even itemised, accounting of how Norma spends her time and the judge agreed it wasn’t a bad idea by recommending but not ordering, Norma to “maintain a diary of time spent on work.”

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