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Lady documents her experience with boyfriend and his bestie (Must Read) 😂



A lady who is fed up with all that happens during her boyfriend’s female bestie visit, took to the Twitter to document the ‘twisted’ scenarios that plays out on her visit.
Lady documents her experience with boyfriend and his bestie

According to the lady, her boyfriend’s female bestie who doesn’t knock when she visits still intrudes when she finds her cuddling her boyfriend in the bedroom. Her tweet reads;

So his female friend is here, homegirl doesn’t knock when she gets in. She leaves to go buy something and finds me in the kitchen eating….he goes to the his bedroom and closes the door. She said 2 me”We have been friends for 10 years, we aren’t like that, don’t worry”

She would even find me cuddling with him in the bedroom then she just comes on top of the bed and tries to talk to him yhoooo. Yeah no I am outside having a J….lol this is madness. Her voice lol I am too lit for this hey

She finally leaves and says “bye Moghel…*his name* so you really aren’t walking me out”.

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