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NNU Income Program

NNU Income Program:- What is NNU all about? Read How to Make ₦10,000.00 monthly

NNU Income Program:- What is NNU all about? How to earn N50,000 Monthly



We know the importance of Information, that’s why questions regarding the NNU Income program is being asked today, countless of times I have been asked by friends, “What is NNU all about?”“Is NNU real?” and aswell as how “How NNU works?”

Nowadays it’s really hard convincing people to join the NNU Income Program verbally, But when questions like this:- “What is NNU all about” is being asked, I just have to come up with something at least.

One of the Top Earners of the NNU Income Program, Prosper Noah shared a review about the Income stream on his Blog, he shared his success story with the platform, my post about What NNU is all about will throw more light on the topic.

Let’s not be in a hurry to jump on the roller coaster, I want to share with you some testimonies of participants who have joined this program before I can proceed to explain what it’s all about, so take a deep breath and continue reading.

Prosper Noah said;

I wrote this review in earlier February 2018 when I started with the program and this is July and I must say they are a very legit program.

Sharing photos of how much he has made below ;

NNU alert, source:- Prosper Noah


NNU is a registered brand in Nigeria with a full name as Nigeria News Update. The program was programmed to help students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers, Housewives or anyone who wish to earn money online with ease without having to write their own script, articles, spend much money etc.

Having said this, I am sure you have an incline of what NNU is all about.

Please note that NNU is not a get rich quick scheme, it requires your time dedication, however if you don’t have time at your Disposal, Paul Samson made it easy for participants to earn even without activity on the website, all you have to do is just refer people.

NNU Income Program

Benefits Of Registering for the NNU Profit Making Program

  1. Unlike Other News websites like Vanguard, Naij and the rest, you are paid for your activities in the community.
  2. You get paid for sharing forum posts on your Facebook wall, Twitter handles, Instagram page
  3. The More referrals you get, the more your bank account speaks volume
  4. The more members and posts in the forum, the bigger the money you get, it’s a give and take no cheating

How to make money with NNU Income Program (NIP)

Making money with the NIP is as simple as logging in to your Facebook account daily and chatting with friends and families.

But with NNU, while you are logging in, commenting, sharing sponsored posts and referring your friends and families, you are earning from the program. As simple as that right? Right, that’s how it is.

So in full summary of this section, the only ways you make money with NNU includes:

  • Daily Login earnings (You get paid daily just for logging in to your account) It’s a lie joor… Lol, it is a true…
  • Sharing of sponsored posts (Everyday, NNU release one sponsored post, you can share this post on your Facebook timeline then after approval, you get paid for the activity)
  • Submitting Post and Getting Paid (If you are a good writer and wish to write for NNU program, it’s an added advantage since they offer the opportunity to write for them and getting paid at the same time)
  • Referring Others to Earn (Yes, the referral program works more perfect than anything else. When you tell someone the good news about the program and they accept to register just like am doing here, you earn massive commission from their registration fee just like am going to earn when you register with my referral link)

Requirements to Register in NNU Income Program 2018

Not to scare you, dear, you really don’t need a voters card, national identification number, international passport or military ID card before you can register.

The whole process is tie to your ability to raise just a one-time upgrading fee of N1,600 and the rest are not a compulsion.

  1. A functional email Address (this will be used to signup so you can receive notification, announcement or any special promotion wherefore they are been sent. If you do not have an email address, simply go to or and create one which takes just 5 minutes.
  2. A functional Phone number (This is also a compulsion but may not be used to communicate with you neither will you receive unnecessary messages)

Tips: you can borrow your mother, father, brother or friends number to register but just make sure you remember that.

3. An internet connected device that can browse the internet (If you do not have a phone, laptop or any that can browse, you can just rush to the cyber cafe and buy a one-hour internet access which doesn’t cost more than N150 in some local cyber cafes it will serve you well.

NNU:- Step by Step Guide to Register for NNU Income

Just like every other system that maintains a database, NNU income also maintains a database of their members to know their members which is a general process call KYC.

This process requires members to undergo some few steps in order to gain access to the membership dashboard.

To get started, follow these steps. If you are on a good internet connected device like Android Phone, Apple iPhone, Laptop, Desktop or any other device that can enable you to browse the internet, proceed and follow these steps.

NNU:- Step by Step Guide to Register for NNU Income

NNU:- What is NNU all about? Read this Article!

Step 1: Register for the program here Click on the link to Register and you will be redirected to the page on the screenshot below that will enable you to make payments.

Step 4. Enter your Phone Number

Step 5: Ensure “JoelsBlog” is intact on the referral page or simply copy “JoelsBlog” and paste in there to enable your brother get commission winks!

Step 6: Enter your username as it suite you. In my own case, my username is “awogorm”

Step 7: Set a very strong password to enable your account remain secured.

Step 8: Choose your payments method either Paystack or Coupon Code and click make payment. This will lead us to explaining the difference between the two payment methods.

NNU Coupon Code or Paystack Payment?

NNU as a income stream supports two main types of Payment methods which are Coupon Code and Paystack.

Both of them are good but I prefer paying with my card securely using a Paystack payment gateway.

To use NNU Coupon, you need to contact an NNU coupon Code vendor to complete the payment of N1600 to their bank account then you later have to send he/she payment proof to enable them to verify you actually paid after which you will receive the coupon. This is very disadvantageous especially when the vendor is not always online to see your screenshot. In my own case look at the screenshot below.

NNU coupon Code vendor

The Advantages of using Paystack is that your transaction will be approved instantly and your account will be approved instantly without having to wait and you also start earning instantly up to N52.

Steps 1: Tick Paystact as payment method then click make payment

Step 2: You will be redirected to another page click secure payment by Paystack

Step 3: Your bank will send you an OTP (One Time Password) Enter it and continue and your transaction is approved.

See List Of NNU Coupon Code / Pin Authorized Distributors.

Below are the list of authorized distributors of NNU Coupon Code Vendors to register prospect for fast approval without any delay.

Hook up with them to always purchase coupon code and get your prospect registered and approved automatically and earn your commission.

Udueni Anthonia 08100861127 – GTBank

Nenuwe Rachael 08034870242 – First Bank

Ufo Blessing 07034991014 Eco Bank

Tishe Mariam 07063139613 GTBank, First Bank

BLAZE SAMUEL 09055334131 Access Bank

Friday Loveth 09050159026 Access Bank

Williams Johnson 08166169415 Zenith

Shafiu Idris Siaky 08063473633 First Bank

Efekodo Jeremiah 07032431952 UBA, First Bank

Abigail Oni 08050643304 GTBank, First Bank

Saliu Olamide M. 08176361051 GTBank

John Adewale 08033702226 Access Bank

Segun Adegbite 09074577191 GTBank

Uzoma Amaechi 08037859257 UBA, GTBank, Diamond Bank

Egu Chris 07062434715 UBA

Obiji Emmanuel 08037803246 Zenith, Access Bank

Okeke Stanislaus 08162199026 GTBank

Babatunde Dada 08122208387 GTBank

Daniel Brown 09060051781

David Ahaoma 08167362160 UBA, Diamon, Sky Bank

Mabel Ighedosa 08189720794 Access Bank

Oyinlola Akeem 08033535054

Esowe Uchenna P. 08101551081 UBA

Michael Okoroafor 08035327117 GTBank

Raji Ibrahim Ebright 07083209501 UBA, Sterling Bank

Christopher Ndon P. 08166183888 GTBank

Paul Joseph 08069080289 GT, Access, Diamond

Olubode Joshua Opeyem 07067160277 GTBank, Sterling Bank

Alero Akporidevo 08061397299 GTBank

Oladunmomi Timothy 08131119801 GTBank

Adefare Damilola 08160185905 Access Bank

Amoye Promise 08129669247 First, UBA, GTBank

Mbah Samuel 08065644431 Access Bank

EDIDHALA BENARD 08038596744 Eco, GT Bank

Victor Kenstar 09074440808 Union Bank

Adekunle Kelvin
09021729052 FCMBank

You can contact any of the above vendors via their respective telephone numbers

If you still feel you cannot do all these, you can contact me to assist you. The only way I can Assist you is by helping you to register while you send the Naira equivalent to my account.

According to how the system is built, you need to activate your account in the process of registration. Therefore,
contact me to help you complete your registration instantly.

But if you feel you can complete your registration alone, simply follow my
Referral link here to Register and I will receive a commission just for telling you the good news. I hope you understand? Let’s make the money together🤑.

If you are already making money with this program please leave your unbiased Review on the comment box with star ratings starting at 1 star to 5 stars.

If you are not clear or got any question, simply do so by leaving a comment in the comment section or Use the Contact me page .

Copyright Notice:- All Images used in this Article belongs to their respective owners, has relegated ownership of these images to their various sources as it has served its purpose here

NNU Income Program Review
NNU Income Program:- What is NNU all about? Read How to Make ₦10,000.00 monthly

Article Title: NNU Income Program:- What is NNU all about? Read How to Make ₦10,000.00 monthly

Short Description: NNU Ad Revenue Sharing With NARS, participant earns residual income by login in to their NNU account daily, reading news, comment, posting forum topics and even share assigned sponsored post on social media.

Author: Night Watch News Nigeria

Publisher - Orgnization:


NNU Income Program

NNU Income Program:- What is NNU all about? Read How to Make ₦10,000.00 monthly

NNU Ad Revenue Sharing With NARS, participant earns residual income by login in to their NNU account daily, reading news, comment, posting forum topics and even share assigned sponsored post on social media.

Detailed Review of NNU Program


NIP means NNU Income Program, an initiative conjoined with Nigeria New Update platform, NIP is a program with a mission of dealing with financial problems in Nigeria amongs the youths, students, middle class and whoever that wish to take advantage of earning an opportunity and making money online legitimately as it creates the channel for the participants to earn passive income


Easy to Sign Up


Can Earn by Login in daily


Can Earn by Referring Friends


Can earn by Reading News daily


Can earn by sharing Sponsored Post


Site Loads Too Slow


Must Pay N1600 to Upgrade


Coupon Code Sellers are sometimes delaying


Website Always having downtime


Must Refer to Earn massively

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