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Olujazz lifts youngsters with free music education — Guardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper – Nigeria and World News

, Olujazz lifts youngsters with free music education — Guardian Life — The Guardian Nigeria Newspaper – Nigeria and World News, Nightwatchng

Olujazz (right) mentoring the young musicians with practical performance on the saxophone while they look on

Last week one of Nigeria’s successful saxophonists, who has plied his trade alongside international greats, Olujazz, turned his attention to youngsters who are willing to learn the rudiments of mastering saxophone as an instrument. They had come from all over the country to drink deep from the well of a master and they were amply rewarded for their thirst.

Born Oluwole Alabi, the jazz musician, who had his concert last August, said there was a growing gap in the music industry, especially in the mastery of musical instruments among most musicians. With a technical instrument like saxophone it becomes even harder that it be learnt properly otherwise youngsters easily make an embarrassing mockery of it.

The motivations for the One-day Music Training with Olujazz, he said, were to make a change in the music industry by equipping young people with the right skills to practise it.He further stated, “A lot of people play without knowing what they are playing; they play phrases. We need to do it right. Some people can’t put their mouth right. You need versatility by playing your sax right. It’s going to be a trend, a movement. Some play sax and it sounds like piano. I learnt from everyone.

“Playing sax is a professional and not a just a vocational thing. Through playing it professionally you earn a living playing it big time. Also, I want to give back to society. My country has blessed me and I need to give back. I had planned to give out saxophones, but God ministered to me and said I should give knowledge instead rather than give instruments to people.

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“Last, I want to help advance music in Nigeria. No matter the type of music you play, we all apply the same music rules.”Thereafter, Olujazz delved into the rudiments of music education. He taught the young musicians, male and female, starting with ‘introduction to saxophone’ and what wood wind instruments are and then to embouchure, which he emphasised is vital in the mastery of saxophone. Olujazz stressed on embouchure (how the mouth is placed on the saxophone) as the heart and soul of saxophone, noting, “We’re not really getting good sound through wrong use of embouchure because it’s a great deal. For your embouchure to be good, you have to be flexible for the resonance to come out right. For a good embouchure, the sound has to be even; make your embouchure static. For you to get a good embouchure, you mouth doesn’t move.”

Olujazz also taught ‘tone,’ ‘scales,’ and ‘mode’ and had practical moments where some trainees played, with him also playing to stress his points. Ayomide Alaba, a 17-year old, and Pelumi Gbotolorun, two youngsters, who took part in the training, were ecstatic, noting they had been impacted positively.

They said although they already played the saxophone, but that they had been further enriched with the training and would put it into practice and become better saxophonists in future.

Olujazz summed up the training thus, “Like I said, we’re trying to raise a whole community of new saxophone players in Nigeria that’d be able to compete with the whole world out there because Nigerians are kind of behind when it comes to this aspect of music. We’re trying to raise the bar so that we will be able to play in any kind of occasion, any kind of standard organization in the whole world. That’s what we’re trying to do. And we’re doing it for free because we’re giving back to the society at the same time.

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“I look at it that Nigeria has blessed me a lot by God’s grace. I think it’s the right thing to do to help people as well so that we can have more jobs because there’s no job in the country. We want people to share in the blessings that we’ve got so that they would stop begging for money. Instead of begging us, we make them to be able to make their own money.“The training was open to everyone. We’ve made it that everyone has opportunity to register. They did online registration. Thank God, you can see the turn out is huge.”

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Hon Prince Ned Woko donates Money to Indigenes of Anioma for Medical Treatments

News reaching is that Hon Prince Ned Nwoko has donated some millions to cater for the medical treatment of some physically challenged Indigenes of Anioma.

The Honorable made his donations to the Medical care of the Physically challenged indigenes when they paid him a courtesy call at his Mount Ned Nwoko resort Idumuje-Ugboko yesterday.

prince ned nwoko, Hon Prince Ned Woko donates Money to Indigenes of Anioma for Medical Treatments, Nightwatchng

Hon Prince Ned Nwoko donating Millions to the Physically Challenged Indigenes of Anioma

Briefly addressing the physically challenged indigenes of Anioma, whom he called his friends, Prince Ned Nwoko admonished them to use the funds judiciously in taking good medical care of themselves while stating that his phone line remains open to them whenever they need to talk with him as always.

Responding, one of the Anioma beneficiaries who pleaded anonymity appreciated the Star Prince for always responding to their needs whenever they called on him.

According to the speaker,

“if only we have two of your kind in Anioma land, Anioma would have witnessed more massive human capital development but it is our prayers that God will continue to protect and bless you more for being a father to the fatherless and to the needy”

Hon Ned Prince Nwoko in a philanthropic bid recently donated the sum of 100million naira for the reconstruction of a federal road in Delta state and another 59million Naira as scholarship grant for Anioma and verifiable Delta state students.

His consistent positive gesture towards Humanity has put him in the spotlight and on the news of recent.

“Prince Ned Nwoko has done alot for the Anioma people and we are happy to be associated with his brand always, this is not the first nor the last time that he has been assisting us. We pray God to always bless and enrich his circle”- Madam isioma, an elderly woman who identified herself as a retired head teacher from Isele-Azagba acknowledged.

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Muslim Man accuse RCCG pastor of Aborting wife’s pregnancy

A young Nigerian Yoruba Muslim Man is strongly at neck lengths with an RCCG pastor whom he accused of aborting his girlfriend’s pregnancy.

His accusation is currently a topic on social media as reports of how the whole thing played were disclosed in his chat with Daddy freeze.

Muslim Man, Muslim Man accuse RCCG pastor of Aborting wife’s pregnancy, Nightwatchng

Muslim Man accuse RCCG pastor of Aborting wife’s pregnancy

According to the disheartened young Man, he had just returned from the United States to meet his love interest, in their period of making out he got her pregnant with the intent of Marrying her.

He also went on to disclose that when the lady informed her parents, they seized her phones and took her to the hospital under the guise of checkup but connived with the doctor and got her baby aborted.

The young man revealed that he and the pastor’s daughter later got married at a registry without the pastor parents’ approval.

Ever since they got married, the parents of his wife have been harassing him and arresting him.

He says he’s chosen to speak out so that they will stop harassing him. The wife also wants to have good relationship with her Muslim husband and with her pastor parents.

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Black Panther Full Movie Download

Are you yet to download The Black Panther 2018 Full Movie? If No you are missing out on the first ever black super hero movie.

Black Panther is a Movie about Black Excellence raking Millions of dollars on its first release in 2018.

This is 2019 , Adding Black Panther to your watchlist this new year is not a bad Idea, You can stream the Black Panther Full Movie Online.

You can also download the movie for free, getting such sites for free download is quiet easy and will be discussed in the later part of this Article.

Black Panther Full Movie Download

You can Download Black Panther Full Movie as soon as possible but its not all about Watching the Movie is about understanding the roles this movie play in our society, The significance of the Custom used which can be seen in a short Video below;

Oscar-nominated costume designer Ruth E. Carter had to admit that
designing the outfits for Marvel’s Black Pantherout February 16th, was her biggest challenge.


Black Panther Full Movie, Black Panther Full Movie Download, Nightwatchng
Cover Art

Shortly After the death of his father, the king of Wakanda, young T’Challa returns home to the isolated high-tech African nation to succeed to the throne and take his rightful place as king.

A powerful enemy reappears, T’Challa’s mettle as king.

The Black Panther – gets tested when he’s drawn into a formidable conflict that puts the fate of Wakanda and the entire world at risk.

Faced with treachery and danger, he must release the full power of Black Panther to defeat his foes and secure the safety of his people and their way of life.

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Download Black Panther Full Movie

Like I said earlier, You can search and download the movie for free here, here and here

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