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In A Pursuit for love – Episode 2



In A Pursuit for love – Episode 2

It was one of those evenings when I was bored and lonely. I was going through my contact list, looking for someone to call and catch up with.

In A Pursuit for love – Episode 2

I was never the type to make unwarranted phone calls. I would only call if I needed an assistance with something. Not like I didn’t care much about people. I would rather send a message on WhatsApp or at most, send a text message; but the boredom I had been experiencing since I finished from the university had altered my personality one way or the other.


In a pursuit for lovel- Episode 2

This evening felt a little different, I wanted to hear a voice… any voice… HIS voice. It was 9 months since I left my previous relationship and I had still not gotten over him. In a bid to distract myself from this emotional quagmire, I called my best friend, Karly. As usual, she didn’t pick her call. ‘When will this girl realize it’s called a mobile phone for a reason?’ I murmured with a hint of frustration. ‘Maybe I should just call Josh, know how he’s doing’ I said to myself ‘a harmless phone call won’t be a bad idea’.

Just as I hit the dial button my heart took a leap. I was beginning to feel regret run down my spine. What was I doing? This never ends well. I wanted to abort the call but I just couldn’t get myself to do so. ‘Hello love, what a lovely surprise’ the voice from the other end of the phone call said. I froze, I didn’t know what to say. All I could think of were the times when that sweet voice was the first I heard in the morning and the last at night. When that same voice professed undying love for me. I remembered how sweet yet domineering it sounded when he was angry. How the voice faded away as we got lost in our kiss. ‘Hello?? Are you there?’ The voice said again. Just when I needed my voice to respond, it couldn’t. My fingers came back to life as it ended the call.

I could no longer breath. . was it a panic attack? I couldn’t tell. My eyes were becoming teary. No! Not again, I can’t go through this again. My phone began to ring, it was Josh. I ignored it the first two times but he was persistent, I always loved that about him. On the third ring, I picked the call.

‘Hello Josh’ I said in a rather sober voice.

‘Hi sugar, you sound down, are you alright?’

I was caught between saying the cliché ‘I’m fine’ and saying ‘I’m not alright. Josh, I miss you, everything about you. I miss our love, our walks, your voice, your lips, your body. I miss sleeping and waking in your arms, our midnight conversations, our jokes. I want you back. .all of you’.

Instead, I settled for ‘I’m OK, just a slight headache. I must have butt-dialed your number earlier. I hope you’re alright’. There was a delay in his reply ‘Nelom, I know you well enough to know a headache is not the problem. I’m still your friend and you can confide in me whenever you are troubled’. ‘I’m OK’ I insisted, ‘it’s really just the headache, if you don’t mind, I’ll like to take a little nap. Thanks for calling’. ‘It’s no problem at all, just take care of you and remember I’m always a phone call away if you need anything’ he said just before he cut the call. How can someone be everything right for me and at the same time not be the right one for me? How do I fill this vacuum in my heart?

I spent the rest of the evening thinking about how it all started. I could never forget the day that changed my entire life. It was back then in school, my second year to be precise. It was on the night our departmental night was scheduled to hold. I went later than planned, due to my numerous attempts to have the perfect makeup on my face which eventually turned out to be a success. I was dressed in a sleeveless, sequin cream-colored gown I used a month worth of pocket money to purchase, I must say, it was worth it. I wore my teal heels to match my purse (of course I had a pair of flat slippers inside my purse, a decision I would later appreciate). The venue for the event was a stone throw from my hostel, which made my journey swift.

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When I stepped into the hall, I felt like an Oscar nominee would feel on the red carpet just before the award show. The hall was decorated in red, purple and lilac and beautiful lighting. The turnout for the event was larger than expected. There were more unfamiliar faces, perhaps, it was because of the formal attires and heavy makeup worn by the students. I felt so many eyes staring at me as I made my way to the back of the crowd. It seemed all chairs were taken and my friends were lost in the crowd.

There I was, standing all alone in the middle of a crowd I wasn’t quite familiar with. Then this gentleman, dressed in a black suit and light blue shirt with the top few buttons open as it reveals a fair share of his sexy chest. He was about the same height with me, light skinned and appeared built.

‘Hi, I was taught never to sit when a beautiful lady is standing, you can take my chair’, I was shocked.

‘I was given the impression chivalry was dead, but it seems you just brought it back to life, thanks a lot, you’re my hero’.

I sat on the chair, a bit uncomfortable because I had rendered a fine young man chair-less. As I was getting comfortable, I noticed someone pulled up a chair and sat right beside me. Out of curiosity, I turned to see it was the same young man. I was too distracted by his courtesy earlier to notice how dreamy he looked.

‘I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Joshua’ he said as he pulled out his hand for a handshake,

‘I’m Chinelo, its nice meeting you’ I responded as I shook his hands.

‘Wow, pretty face, pretty name, pretty fingernails, is there anything about you that isn’t pretty?’ He said with a witty smile on his lips.



‘I can see you know just how to play with words. Continue, I like it’ I replied with so much amusement.



I had missed the whole show going on. I was more consumed by my conversation with Joshua. He was indeed an interesting company. The environment seemed too noisy for our impromptu date, I suggested we found somewhere outside to sit, he concurred. When we got outside, we realized we were not the only duo to make their ways out. In every dark area, there was at least a couple. It was cold, a scenario I did not put into consideration while buying my gown. We found a cozy place to sit. We talked about everything we could think of. It felt like we had known each other for a long while. I was tripping and that hardly ever happened. Within hours I knew a lot about him, including that he was a final year student in Civil Engineering department, only son of his parents, a football lover, a Manchester United fan, Jollof rice lover, loves being indoors and most importantly, he was single.



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He laughed at me as I switched back to comfort with my pair of slippers.

‘Why do you ladies even bother? I mean, if something makes you uncomfortable discard it’ he said as he continued to laugh.





‘Sometimes it’s worth the pain. The cold here is quite discomforting, you don’t see me discarding you’, I replied with a smirk on my face.





‘Oh dear, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize the cold was that bad’ he said as he took off his suit jacket and placed it over my shoulder.





In a bid to adjust the collar of the jacket, his right cheek was beside mine. My world stood still, my heartbeat became louder. I could feel his breath on me. I could breathe him, damn, he smelt so good. I was not sure of what to do next, it seemed he felt the same way. He leaned back with his face directly opposite mine, a plot to get my approval. I felt his warm hands on the back of my neck as he pulled my face towards his. The feeling of his luscious lips on mine was divine. It felt like a bowl of ice cream on a sunny day. His lips melted into mine. He kissed me slowly with so much gentility, his tongue knew where to be and how to get there. I was in a different world. My heart was feeling things it shouldn’t, my body was needing things it shouldn’t, I was doing things I shouldn’t. I withdrew my lips from his as a flash of cold brought me back to reality.





‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be doing this’, I stuttered, ‘scratch that, I can’t be sorry. You’re a hell of a kisser, where have you been all my life?’ I said as I watched his eyes light up.



My words were followed by awkward silence.



‘I think it’s time I returned to my hostel’ I said as I stood up.



‘Goodbye Joshua’ I said as I turned to leave.



‘Wait, Chinelo, you can’t leave like that, at least let me have your phone number, BBM pin, IG handle or anything I could use to contact you, I would really like to see you some other time’.





In a bid to escape the awkwardness as soon as possible, I called out my number while he typed it into his phone. ‘Oh, I almost forgot to return your jacket’ I said as I was taking it off. ‘No, keep it tonight, I’ll get it from you some other time, take care’ he replied with his right hand on my arm.





From that day on, we spoke every day, it was not so hard to fall in love with him. He was everything I didn’t know I needed in a man. We had our quarrels, he was quick to apologize whenever he realized he was at fault and quick to forgive whenever I did same. We broke up sometimes and made up 2hours later. He treated me like a princess. He was my therapist when I had issues, no matter how irrelevant, he was my provider whenever I was in need, he was my nurse when I was sick. He didn’t have everything but he was everything to me. He completed me. Our love grew stronger by the day.




Days became weeks, weeks became months and months became 2 years. Two beautiful years with the love of my life.



About 10 months ago, I got a call from his younger sister telling me that he had been in a serious road accident and was admitted to Saint Matthews hospital.

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In less than 20 minutes, I was in the emergency room dressed in a ‘lazy day’ T-shirt and a pair of leggings, I couldn’t care less about my dressing.




Right in front of me was the man who looked nothing like the man I loved. He looked like a fly that was squashed. I could see more of blood than skin. I felt my heart bleed, I was going to lose the love of my life. Just as I was wiping off the tears from my eyes, a doctor approached us. He said Josh needed blood as soon as possible. They had some in the blood bank but it wouldn’t be enough.



Immediately I screamed ‘doctor, take mine, we are both O+, we are compatible. Take all the blood you’ll need’.





I was willing to give all my blood, if that was going to bring my baby back to the him I used to know. The doctor took me to a private room where a nurse extracted my blood, ran some tests, confirmed compatibility and extracted a pint of my blood.



A week later, he was much better. He had bruised his ribs and dislocated his shoulder joint but he was going to be fine. One of the afternoons when he was taking a nap, out of boredom, I went through his medical test results. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Maybe there was a mistake somewhere, this couldn’t be possible. He was AS. This wasn’t what he told me. There was no way he was AS, considering the fact I was one as well. This can’t be true, or so I thought.



A month and 8 blood tests later, we finally accepted our fate. We were of the same blood group and type, a similarity we so much despised. It was a difficult stage in both our lives but we knew the right thing to do. Maybe it was Gods way of telling us we don’t belong together or perhaps, the universe getting back at us for existing.




Whatever it was, we couldn’t change the fact and hence, couldn’t alter our decision to stay apart. I cried, I died on the inside but he kept me strong with the statement ‘don’t ever think you are not a part of me, you live in me and I in you. We might not be meant for each other here on earth, but no matter what, you will always be my soul mate’.



Here I am, all alone, feeling betrayed by my own blood. I know deep down that no one can replace him in my life. I feel no regrets. They said a person can only feel true love once in a lifetime, I’m glad I felt it with him. Do I miss him? Yes. Do I want to get back with him? Yes. Will I ever move on? Eventually.


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