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Read! Nigerians narrate Sad Experience on #StreetLife

Remembering friends lost to the Nigerian #streetlife has gone a long way in encouraging Nigerian youths to be safe in the streets.

Some Facebook users shared their intimidating/ oppressive life experience on the #Streetstory thread started by one Asoegwu Kingsley.

Kingsley narrating his sad experience on the streets explained how he lost his best friend Jamie and how he lost his female friend, Irene to HIV.

#streetlife, Read! Nigerians narrate Sad Experience on #StreetLife, Nightwatchng
Kingsley Asoegwu

Read Full story below;

Today we go remember guys and babes dem wey kpai for street, guys and babes dem wey get bright future, but nor be dem all been get bright future, some been be NFA, something wey we dey call “No future ambition”.

James, my good friend Jamie as we been dey call am for street, James adopt the name Jamie from feem wey we been dey wash dah year for Onome their house. As we dey wash the feem dey go that 2011, naso James come reason everybody around make dem dey call am Jamie, say him like Jamie Lannister. Naso we begin dey call am Jamie. As Jamie take die naim shock guys. So that year eh Jamie enter school for Abaraka, that Delta State University wey locate dia. So Jamie begin roll with big guys and babes dem. As that election period come reach, Jamie come yarn us say him get one business wey him go like make we gum body put. Naso three guys join Jamie for the election issue. As dem move like this naso Jamie and other two boys nor return. Aboy wey return say Jamie and dem go to carry ballot box as one politician for Ughelli tell dem make dem do. As boys shook body to pick dem ballot boxes, naso ekelebe appear from no where begin dey spray bullet. Naso Jamie and others take go. Say him escape. 8years now we never see Jamie deadi body. Naso Jamie take go.

Who nor know Janet for street that year? Janet wey every guy dey die give?. My guy Chidi been like Janet die and she like am but Janet nor know wetin she want. She dey look Chidi like small pikin because Chidi nor get bar reach that idiot boy wey dem dey call Mike. Chidi follow Janet de way fly dey follow person wey carry shite for nyash. Chidi follow Janet till she die. Na Chidi carry us go show her dead body, na Chidi arrange transport to carry her body go mortuary as nobody wan touch her deadi body. Who want police wahala? As Janet take die we nor know till today. Word on the street be say she die as Mike give am cocaine, some say Mike beat am kill, some say Mike fuck am kill. Who know which one be true? We nor dey when she die na. Naso Janet take die. Till today we nor know wetin kill Janet.

Metallic been grow with us till him mama carry dem waka enter Benin after papa Metallic die. Metallic na hin papa guy name, our friend real name na Ogechi but as him papa die on top bunkering work, naso him carry him papa name dey answer, when we ask am why him dey answer him papa name, him say “as my papa nor leave any inheritance for us na, make I inherit hin name”. As Metallic come back street after dem waka enter Benin, Metallic come change o, see Metallic wey been small that year for street, wey we nor dey even put for ball sef. As Metallic return like this we see say this one nor be Metallic we know before, na Metallic another version be this. Metallic enter street come begin dey terrorize. All the guys wey dey run street come dey answer Metallic sir o. We come hear small gist say for Benin Metallic na boss. One month pass, two month pass, Metallic still dey run street.
Me I come return go school for Abaraka after dem call off strike. E nor reach two weeks wey I enter school war start. Boys begin dey drop deadi body like say human being na fowl. People dey count scores, we wey nor be system men dey inside house dey wash proceedings. One evening as I waka with my babe go near school gate naim I sight Metallic from far. As na my guy naim I waka to go famz am, as I cross naim one car drive speed dey come for where Metallic stand. De car never near Metallic naim door open and boys comot clean English whipe Metallic 4 shots. E be like say na me dem whipe the shots. I nearly deaf. I dey for ground where I fall naim I see Metallic dey ground dey cough blood o. I look back I nor see my babe, I look Metallic again him no dey cough, him just dey still. Naim I stand up come make movement. I nor wan dey where dem whipe person shots. I nor fit shout. I waka fast o leave Metallic for where him lie down, that evening I carry bag go back street. Na me break news as Metallic take die, dat day for street everywhere quiet. Metal down Metallic I see am with my korokoro eyes.

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We dey hear say ashawo nor get shame, na for Irene hand we see am. Irene na our friend wey just go Port Harcourt to hustle. Irene gree go school? Which hustle Irene wan go do if nor be ashawo work? Oga Television (the man dey sell electronics so dem come dey call am by wetin him dey sell pass) wey be Irene papa send am go Auchi make she read book, Irene nor gree. Oga television come say “oya, as you nor gree go school, come dey house dey learn sew cloth” still Irene nor gree learn. Irene fine na. Which girl fine pass Irene for street? As Irene return from Auchi, na that time we know wetin be fuck new, this better fuck wey man dey fuck now na for Irene hand man learn am. Irene been teach boys things that year. Anyhow with anywhere you want am, Irene go give you. I know say you go dey ask if we been dey pay. We been nor dey pay o. Pay wetin? Irene never know say man suppose dey pay for fuck. Na as she fuck papa bomboy for morning come fuck bomboy for evening (na she tell us say she fuck dem, nor dey look me like that. Irene dey talk na, she dey talk de one dem send am and the one dem nor send am) na den she know say she fit dey make money from fuck.

The next week Irene go open fuck industry for Port Harcourt. Months come pass, Irene smash better bar, Irene come back street come dey form. Irene nor gree give boys fuck free again, Irene come get sense na. E get once we dey street Okochi come say she jam Irene for PH say Irene don tire to fuck. Say she nor dey move market again. “How you take know Okochi?” naim we ask am, e come be say Okochi new for the fuck business. Man abi woman must wack na. Okochi come yarn join say Irene get HIV, say she go dey come back street, say Ashawo don retire finally.
Irene come back street come wan dey resume free fuck business. Boys wey get reliable hands come run comot. Irene nor fit go front, Irene nor fit go back. Time don pass. Before we know Irene don dey dry like Mama Ukachi bongafish. E nor tay when Oga Television come talk say him first daughter Irene don die. Say dem go bury am that evening. Boys shake head. Naso Irene take die go. We nor see Irene deadi body as Oga Television nor gree.

As I dey write I wan dey cry. So, make I stop here. Next time we go talk about other people wey die go. Later…

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I am…


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