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Why your partner should see all of you



When you are angling to get into a relationship, the natural thing to do would be to show your best sides to your potential partner. You want to put your best foot forward. You want them to see the pretty parts and that’s fine. But it is also important to let your partner see the ugly side of you, too.

You are a whole human with different emotions, reactions, beliefs and that is what your partner is falling in love with. At least, that’s what they should be falling in love with.

They deserve to see the whole of you. Not just the good, but the bad and ugly as well. Not just some curated aspects of you that has been fine-tuned, layered with words that blur your true feelings and actions that mask how you really want to be. An unwillingness to be this open to your partner can actually be categorized as dishonesty in some cases.

Anyone who wants to be with you would surely want to know your past, errors, mistakes you’ve made, what your childhood looked like and more importantly, things you are not particularly proud of.

Let them see your weaknesses, your messiness, and propensity for errors. It is what contributes to your humanity and a partner who truly loves you will surely not deny you of that.

In a way, it could also be a test of compatibility. If they want to be with you at your best, they surely should be willing to see you at your worst, too. And you need to give him or her the opportunity to see this and decide if it’s something they can deal with; something they don’t mind getting involved with.

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Imperfection is a human trait that no one can either deny or begrudge. So far you are a good person who also strives to be better with every step of the journey, you should be just fine.
Whether or not your present partner appreciates your imperfect contours alongside your perfect curves, you are worthy of love. If not your present, your next will treat you like it.

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